Who are we?

All American Apparel is a screen-printing shop catering to sports teams and organizations in need of Fan, Coach, and Team Apparel. Along with offering screen printing garment services, we provide fundraising opportunities for the teams we work with by creating a seamless start to finish process. 

How did it all start?

We started out of the necessity to get quality team gear quickly. While my children were younger, we were involved in multiple athletic organizations that would struggle to deal with screen printers. After doing a little research we decided to start personalizing our own apparel and grew from there. After a few yrs of growing a little at a time, we decided to jump in, making the investment needed to start supplying local teams with all the team gear, fan gear and coaches' apparel that was needed. 

How did we come up with the name?

The name All-American Apparel came about as we sat down and asked ourselves what type of business do; we want to run. When you think of an All-American you think of a person who worked hard and didn't quit to achieve the goals they want. We believe that working hard for our customers is not only the right thing to do but an expectation you can count on when you choose All-American as your outfitter!

What do we do?

Simply put we design custom artwork to add to garments that will not only give your team identity and recognition but allow you to show your pride in what you believe in and set a standard that can be displayed to all. 

What do we provide for our customers?

One thing you can expect above all else is a great line of communication. There's nothing more frustrating in today's world than not being able to communicate effectively. We work hard to make sure we are available to our customers. Along with communication, we understand our customers have the vision of what they want, we strive to provide what you want when you want it. We aim to create quality products quickly that's why we started and that's what we provide today. 

What makes you different?

Having a quick turn around and maintaining quality is our bread and butter, but what separates us from our competitors is the professionalism that this industry so many times lacks. Our customers are more than just transactions they are patrons that trust us to provide a service if that sounds old fashioned then so be it. Unfortunately, there are businesses that take advantage of customers and then just move on. Here at All American Apparel, we do not want to create an environment where our customers feel out of place and unimportant, we appreciate each and every one of our customers, so with that said I want to thank those customers that trust us with their screen printing and marketing needs. I hope your experience is a good one and if by some chance we fell short please contact us at info@all-americanapparel.com and give us an opportunity to make it right. Thank you for your patronage!


All American Apparel

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